“Stunning fish! The UK’s best in my opinion.”- Dan Hulme

“We’ve had 2 stockings of fish from Neil and everyone at front fish, and I can honestly say, some of the best looking fish with fantastic frames we’ve ever seen! Some of our fish have had weight gains of 5-6lb a year In South Wales with soft water! “- Lloyd Bennett

“Since the first stocking of Frontfish carp into Lily Fisheries waters back in 2006 we have been astounded by the quality of the carp Neil produces. They are the most visually stunning carp available in a good variety of scale patterns with great body shape and frame. Since our very first order every carp we have stocked has been from Frontfish. If you look through our galleries you will see why !!!”

“Our Frontfish carp have shown tremendous growth rates, very low mortalities and they fight like demons. If they go into the right water where they will be well fed, these carp will attract good anglers from far and wide. The sort of angler who know their carp heritage and appreciate that English bred carp are the best and only way forward! “Chris OsmanLily Fisheries

“Neil, we find it very difficult to confirm in words how magnificent the fish consignment we received today truly was. There is little doubt that they simply ” blew everyone away” who witnessed their introduction at the two sites. We have no doubt that they will provide generations of anglers on the Capesthorne Estate and Wilmslow Distict Angling Association with much pleasure. Many thanks from Liz, Rob young Dan and myself.”

Geoff Hayes – Capesthorne Estate and Wilmslow Distict Angling Association                                                 _________________________________________________________________________